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Habitat Netz Sat, Nov 18 2006, pdf

Evictions, real estate pressure and rental refugees in Germany

If you would ask any official, if there are "forced evictions" in the meaning of General Comment No. 7,1 s/he would deny and could give many correct arguments referring to (a) the developed legal system of safeguards in Germany and (b) to market forces. Let's see how far we nevertheless can speak about housing rights violations in Germany.

Document: Knut Unger: "Housing Rights and Real Estate Violence in Germany", , 2006, pdf

AG Habitat - HID Tue, Jun 05 2001, pdf

Statement on the Implementation of Habitat II in Germany

The results of the 1996 Habitat II Conference in Istanbul did not have much impact on political debates in Germany, where the Habitat Agenda was mostly viewed as an Agenda for the South. The issues discussed at the conference and in the agenda seemed to lack relevance for Germany. In fact, the housing provisions in Germany seem to be relatively good, even in comparison to other European countries, and ecological aspects that used to be a major concern in settlement planning have played a role in most political discourses over the past decades.

Document: HID - AG Habitat, Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung: "Statement on the Implementation of Habitat II in Germany", , 2001, pdf

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